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Saturday, September 09, 2006
Game: GoPets

GoPets is a global community composed of real people and virtual pets. Each GoPet is a unique 3D companion that makes its home on its owner’s desktop. GoPets are not restricted to a single computer, however -- when they feel like wandering, they leave home and visit the desktops of other GoPets users.

In their travels, GoPets visit their owners’ friends and families, as well as introducing their owners to other GoPets members who share similar interests. These traveling GoPets are messengers and ambassadors, they form the dynamic network of connections that comprises the GoPets social network
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Saturday, September 02, 2006
Dog reference books
One of the most common problems for new pet owners is getting different advises on the same question from friends, online forums, self labelled experts, hear-say. While many are out to help you with your problem, it is safer to read up some books from the real pets experts, to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible before getting a pet.

Here in Singapore, the selections of such books are not as much and the titles are even lesser from the libraries. You may want to invest in a good one for use as references.

Open the front cover and the first two pages you see contain the Index of Signs and Symptoms, from Abdomen (painful, swollen, distended, and tucked up) to Weight loss, Wheezing, and Whining (continual). There's a comprehensive index in back, of course, running the gamut from Abortion to Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis, which is all very useful, but when your pooch is in pain, it's great to be able to turn, with the minimum of folderol, to the page that says to relax, it's nothing a bit of extra grooming won't fix, or alternatively to hightail it over to the vet hospital. It's a wonderful reference for any dog owner!

There's the Scottish Terrier ("an earth dog used in hunting the fox and the brocke"), the Boston Terrier ("a lively, highly intelligent, smooth coated, short-headed, compactly built, short- tailed, well balanced dog"), or the Great Dane ("one of the most elegant and distinguished varieties of giant-type dog").

In fact, there are 146 AKC-recognized breeds profiled within the pages of the Complete Dog Book, and the pictures and text provide great bowser browsing. The breed descriptions help you choose among the hounds, terriers, toys, and working breeds, the herders, guard dogs, and sporting breeds.

Measurements help determine which dogs will best fit your abode (Chesapeake Bay Retrievers measure 21 to 26 inches high at the shoulder, Chinese Cresteds are a mere 11 to 13 inches off the ground, while the Irish Wolfhound stands 30 to 32 inches tall), breed temperaments help you choose your ideal pet, and show criteria help you know what you're looking for when you actually start to shop for a pup. In the meantime, there are interesting stories about breed origins, and a useful glossary of dog terms, while the chapters on grooming, training, and Canine Health and First Aid will come in handy once you've brought your new dog home.
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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Abused dog found dead near refuse chute

A STARVED and abused dog was found dead beside a refuse chute in the common corridor of Block 652 in Punggol Central last Tuesday. Its mangled remains were already decomposing and had begun to smell.

Residents in the neighbourhood had an anonymous appeal slipped under their doors two days later, a copy of which was sent by reader BOTR via e-mail to Stomp, The Straits Times' interactive portal.

The writer of the appeal, which carried a picture of the dog, urged neighbours to call the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) if they had information about the owner of the dog.

'Most murderers/serial killers start off in their early years by abusing/killing animals. Would you feel safe living in an environment where an animal abuser exists?' the appeal read.

BOTR suggested to some dog owners that they use their dogs to trace the dead dog's home, but they were reluctant to do so for fear of exposing their dogs to possible diseases in the location of the carcass. BOTR said he was disturbed by the thought that the dog abuser could go free.

On Stomp's discussion forum, readers expressed their outrage. Laetitia wrote: 'I feel so sickened by people doing this... They are living creatures too and we should show respect to living creatures.
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Game: Zetapets

Zetapets is a fun, free, virtual pet community where users can interact with others as well as their own online pets. Our tons of constantly-evolving games, quests, and things to do will keep you entertained for hours on end! Over 315,862 people have signed up already, so why don't you start your own journey today?

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
So what happens if your dog do get lost?

So what happens if your dog do get lost?

Ok, the inevitable happens despite all the measures that you may have taken. There are a few avenues opened to you.

i. Go out and search in your vicinity.
Most dogs which wandered should stay within a 250 to 300m radius. However, this does present a challenge for concrete jungle Singapore. Apart from the horizontal distance that you have to cover, you will have to consider the vertical space as well. If your dogs mean something to you, then it would not consider that much of a hassle, but it will be very tiring nonetheless.

ii. Assemble your own search parties.
This method seems quite popular in small town USA. This really depends on your relationship with your neighbours.

iii. Report to online pet forums., PETBAK blog will place the same notices too.

iv. Make your own lost advertisement.
What you need here would be quick word processing, a fast printer and paper cutter. Be prepared to pay a reward and the amount some finders will 'request' which can be from S$500-S$1000. (Yeah, it borders to almost blackmailing!)

v. Tag your dogs.
Prevention is always better than cure. Get a PETBAK stainless steel tag or a 2-in-1 accessory with lost and found service, personalized photo id tag, pink id card, mustard credit card, T-shirt tag etc.

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A local video clip of a young puppy
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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Animal Cruelty in Singapore
To paraphrase Gandhi, a country's greatness is measured my how it treats its animals. Compared to countries like China, where bile is extracted from Sun Bears under horrendous conditions, Singapore is nowhere near the tail end on the animal cruelty spectrum.

Nevertheless, gruesome cases of mistreatment such as strangled kittens occasionally arise. Why?

I believe that our society's attitudes toward animals is one of condescension ; perhaps this is because we are on the top of the food chain, the proverbial "Kings of the Jungle". This is dangerous as some members of society then rationalize the ill-treatment or neglect of animals on the grounds that they do not have the same right to life as us.

There is indeed more that can be done to change our attitudes. With limited resources, the SPCA is not a panacea for our problems. We have to be more proactive via education. Schools should teach children to respect the sanctity of all lifeforms, possibly even setting up mini-zoos where interaction with animals is fostered from a young age.

Pet shop owners can also play a part by refusing to sell pets to people whom they believe will will not be able to take good care of their animals. Again, we have to take a break from clawing up the economic ladder to focus on society's common good or else our efforts will have more bark than bite.

A note of caution though - we cannot be selective and protest the ill-treatment of beloved animals like cats and dogs while turning our backs on other species. The inflictment of pain is cruel.

As such, do you really think that animals don't feel pain when they are killed?

Unless we abandon the use of all animal products, I really think that the complete eradication of animal maltreatment is not possible - just feel the leather belt on your waist.

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Friday, August 18, 2006
Friends - Part 1
Here's sharing with you a series of our best friends!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
SPCA Fun Run 2006!

Poster @

For registration form, please download and print out the PDF version here. Return the completed form together with your payment to the SPCA, 31 Mount Vernon Road, Singapore 368054.
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